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John Doyle is an irish musician and composer. With an extensive work as an acoustic guitarist for several bands and celtic folk artists, Doyle is now facing a solo career.

From his 2005 album, Wayward, this is Bitter the Parting, with english singer Kate Rusby.

With a red rose in Summer, the leaves soft and green
You walked without speaking your arm held in mine
And the lon dubh* was singing as we passed by
Bitter the parting of lovers entwined

You said you loved me, you said you cared
You told me you’d never go and leave me behind
But the one that I loved has altered his mind
And Bitter the parting of lovers entwined

I have to leave now, this place I adore
No more can I wander these wild glens and shores
For those tyrants have robbed me, of house and land pride
And it’s bitter the parting of lovers entwined

The dew from the morning still hung from the leaves
The dogs they were barking from over the fields
When you sighed and I cried for what we have done
And it’s bitter the parting of the wounded in love

So we kissed and we parted and from her I did steer
I sat by the river and watched it flow by
Like time in a bottle it weaves and it glides
Bitter the parting of lovers entwined

(*Lon dubh: a blackbird)
Image: Wikimedia Commons