It’s a Great Day for the Irish, an anthem of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in New York. Judy Garland sings on The Bob Hope Show, 1940.

Oh, I woke me up this morning and I heard a joyful song
From the throats of happy Irishmen, a hundred thousand strong
Sure it was the Hibernian Brigade
Lining up for to start the big parade
So I fetched me Sunday bonnet and the flag I love so well
And I bought meself a shamrock just to wear in me lapel
Don’t you know that today’s March seventeen?
It’s the day for the wearing of the green………..

It’s a great day for the Irish, it’s a great day for fair
The side-walks of New York are thick with Blarney
For shure you’d think New York was Old Killarney

Begosh and begorragh, every Irish son and daughter
Every good old Irish name and their relation
They come from Tipperary, Donegal and County Kerry,

They are all here to join the celebration……….
There’s Connolly and Donnelly, Ryan, O’Brien,
McLoughlin and Lynch, Pat Flannigan, McFadden, McPhearson and Finch
Hogan and Logan, Fitzpatrick, O’Bannigan, Danny O’Doole and Seamus O’Tool!